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Welcome to The Healing Hype by me, Nisha Mody. I’m a Feminist Healing CoachWriterPodcaster, and Medical Librarian. More of me: www.nishaland.com.

Why so Hype? Hype can mean something is a fake exaggeration OR it can mean hella excited encouragement. There’s a lot of exaggerated hype out there about the next healing solution. In The Healing Hype, I’ll really focus on the hype we need to heal from trauma and oppression, especially if you’re struggling on the margins.

There’s a lot of woo woo out there that I love and don’t love. I love the woo woo that empowers those who are the most oppressed while acknowledging the beauty in the shadows and the light. The woo woo I don’t love doesn’t even consider systemic injustice and thinks love and light will save the world, ignoring the material and social inequities. The Healing Hype into the woo woo I love.

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adrienne maree brown, Alan Watts, Angela Davis, anti-racism, astrology, Audre Lorde, avocados, bell hooks, Bitmojis and other mojis, #BlackLivesMatter, The Black Power Mixtape, cats, Code Switch, collective healing, decolonization, Democracy Now!, eggs, equity, flowers, healthy boundaries, human design, inner child work, Janet Jackson’s “If,” Insecure, Jessica Lanyadoo, libraries, Lisa Frank, Lizzo, maintaining boundaries, meditation, memes, memoirs, Michaela Coel, mindfulness, neuroscience, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, poetry, polyvagal theory, radical self-love, rest, restorative justice, somatic awareness, transformative justice, trauma-informed things, vulnerability, Zoolander

I wasn’t kidding about the Bitmojis 😉

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ALSO, I identify a cisgender, heterosexual, able-bodied, South Asian American upper-caste divorced Hindu woman, and I bring these positionalities into this space. I will always evaluate, re-evaluate, repair, and restore what I can. If something bothers you and you have the capacity, please let me know.

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