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Welcome to The Healing Hype by me, Nisha Mody. I’m a Feminist Healing Coach and Writer. More of me: www.nishaland.com.

The Healing Hype takes a look at what healing and liberation can look like in our oppressive, work-driven society where capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy, and ableism don’t want us to feel like we’re enough.

People tell me that they love the soothing sound of my voice and how I can apply the abstract to real life. So that’s what you’ll find in The Healing Hype. Everything is audio-accessible (you can add The Healing Hype to your favorite podcast player) and I take things that I read, hear, or just come to mind and apply them to reality.

Why so Hype? Hype can mean something is a fake exaggeration OR it can mean hella excited encouragement. There’s a lot of exaggerated hype out there about the next healing solution. In The Healing Hype, I’ll really focus on the hype we need to heal from trauma and oppression, especially if you’re struggling on the margins. AND I like to focus on how self-awareness can lead to collective healing and vice-versa!

There’s a lot of stuff out there that I love and don’t love - I call it the healing rabbit hole. The stuff I love to find down this hole are practices that empower while acknowledging the beauty in the shadows and the light. The stuff I don’t love to find doesn’t systemic injustice and thinks love and light will save the world, ignoring the material and social inequities and resulting trauma and nervous system dysregulation.

The Healing Hype has two types of audio-acessible + written content:

  1. Public Posts (free): There are longer-form posts where I apply the abstract to reality through my own stories. I write these out first and then record them.

  2. Nisha’s Greatest Hits! (paid): These are shorter posts that I audio-record in the moment something comes to me. These are intuitive hits, hence the name :) Think of it like an album where the music is my voice and the lyrics are my thoughts processing the abstract into real-time.

If you subscribe, you’ll also get previous access to workshops (nervous system regulation, connecting to the land, and healing your inner child through a trauma-informed lens, meditations, inspiration notes, and my advice column. I discontinued providing these after November 2021, but you are free to peruse the archives!

ALSO, I identify a cisgender, heterosexual, able-bodied, South Asian American upper-caste divorced Hindu woman, and I bring these positionalities into this space. I will always evaluate, re-evaluate, repair, and restore what I can. I welcome being called in, if you have the capacity.

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