Sep 19, 2021Liked by Nisha Mody

I LOVE this. I've had similar thoughts recently but haven't been able to properly put them into words. Pro-Con lists & Cost-Benefit Analysis also often fail to account for the WEIGHT of something. Financial security vs Emotional safety, for example. Only the person whose life is most impacted by this decision can determine the weight or importance of each of these things over the other at a given time; it will be different for different people at various stages in their lives. And you're absolutely right, there is so much unquantifiable, or very difficult to measure -- that making decisions this way.. it just simply cannot account for everything that is important. TBH, faith is a tricky subject/word for me because of m past, but I don't think there's a better word to describe that trust you have to have in the unknown sometimes to make the decision that feels best, most aligned. And let's not underestimate our intuition and our gut responses. Sometime sour bodies know things long before our minds can start labeling, measuring, and considering them. Thanks for sharing this! <3

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