The Healing Hype
The Healing Hype
A new season for The Healing Hype 🍂

A new season for The Healing Hype 🍂

Hello everyone! Some of you may remember that I started The Healing Hype out as a membership with healing circles, an advice column, and more. Then I pared it down to be a little more simple. I chose the Substack platform for The Healing Hype because I enjoyed the audio accessibility as well as the paid subscription model.

After working a full year as a coach, consultant, and speaker, I’m realizing that having two email lists, The Healing Hype email list and a separate email list for updates and promotions along with facilitating 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and organizational workshops, was a bit much. I’m being asked to lean into ease and simplicity.

What does this mean?

This means that I’m moving The Healing Hype to be a blog on my website. I can add audio to my blogposts, so that accessibility will still be there! However, there will no longer be paid subscriptions or benefits like my Slack community or Nisha’s Greatest Hits! I’d like to think everything I write is a hit anyway 😉

New seasons also bring about other changes. I will be retiring the name The Healing Hype, and a new name and theme will emerge in the new blogspace. I cannot wait to share it with you! This name encompasses how I feel about healing from an embodied and relational level.

What does this mean for you?

You will still receive my posts via email. The good news is, you don’t have to do anything!

In order to do this, I’ll add you to my email marketing platform, BUT you will not be added to my regular email list where I provide monthly updates (which includes kitty pics) and promotions for my (pretty rad) offerings unless you opt-in cuz consent is sexy. You’ll still receive an email when I publish a new blogpost.

So, the biggest difference will be how the blog looks. I will still provide longform content similar to what you’ve already seen. You’ll still be able to comment and listen via audio.

If you pay monthly, your subscription will stop at the end of the month’s cycle. If you pay annually, I will refund you on a prorated basis.

If you love my stuff so much that you want to support me financially, please donate to my BIPOC Healing Fund. I’m dreaming to FULLY FUND the next Boundaries for BIPOC cohort for Spring 2023, and I’d love any support you can provide!

Donate to BIPOC Healing Fund

If you recently subscribed…

If you’re new to this newsletter, welcome! Here are some of my previous posts for you to get acquainted with my content:

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How do I feel about this?

I feel such a relief moving into more simplicity in my life. My website is my digital home, and this change allows me to cultivate that home. I’m so grateful for this experience to see what worked and didn’t work for me, specifically in this space and overall in my business. I’m all about trial and error, learning and unlearning.

Lately, I’ve been considering my life, and the Earth, through seasons. After all, humans are just as much a part of the Earth as plants and ants. We come from the Earth, not to it. We all have seasons of shedding, growing, expanding, and contracting. And I love that this change coincides with the first day of fall and the beginning of Libra season.

Thank you so much, and feel free to reply with comment or questions.

The Healing Hype
The Healing Hype
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