The Healing Hype
The Healing Hype
Wanna delight with me in nature? 🍓🌳🌻

Wanna delight with me in nature? 🍓🌳🌻

Be a beta tester for my new offer

Hi friends! For the next few weeks I am self-isolating before an international trip, so I need to connect with nature more than ever. This made me think about how I can be with the Earth AND you! (FYI, you are not separate from the Earth, but you know what I mean ☺️).

This is how I came up with a new offer I’m beta testing called Delight with Nisha in Nature 🍓🌳🌻

I'm playing with a new way for my clients to feel PRESENCE through DELIGHT by connecting with the Earth and each other.

I invite you to be with your favorite form of nature while we respond to each other for 40 minutes about FEELING PRESENCE THROUGH DELIGHT 🍓

If you want to be one of my special beta-testers, let me know! There are only 9 spots left until August 5, and a few people have the link to schedule, so time is of the essence. (Yes, I do talk about how to question urgency AND this is the boundary I have for this special playdate 😉)

All I ask is that you donate at least $5 to my BIPOC Healing Fund. Just $5(!!!) to try this out.

(1) Comment or reply to the email and say “I wanna delight with you!"
(2) I’ll send you a link to donate and book.
(3) At your scheduled time, you'll bring yourself to your chosen Earthy space, creature, and/or object.
(4) Nisha will give you a call and invite you into some delightful presence through conversation, sensory experiences, and somatics.
(5) We will DELIGHT 🍓

Looking forward to connecting!

The Healing Hype
The Healing Hype
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