May 13, 2021

A Meditation for Global Pain

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Nisha Mody
Audio transcription and meditations for The Healing Hype
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I typically record meditations just for The Healing Hype community, but this week, and previous ones, have been especially painful on a global level.

There is pain in South Asia. There is pain in Palestine. There is pain in Colombia. The pandemic is not over. Global pain touches all of us, whether we are connected to these lands or not because we are all interconnected, no matter what. And for some of us, these pains hit closer to home.

Please listen to this meditation to provide you some grounding during this time of global pain. And remember, by feeling grounded, you can be more present for the cause through amplifying silenced voices, providing mutual aid, educating others about boycotting efforts, and centering the stories of the oppressed. When you feel grounded, you can support the collective.

Just take a moment to move to a space that feels soothing for you. A soft space. A gentle space. Maybe this is on your bed. Maybe you’re sitting next to a furry loved one. Maybe you’re just in a quiet room where you can find solitude. If it helps, have some pillows around you or have some water or tea nearby.

Just settle your body into this space, close your eyes or keep it at a soft gaze. Start to feel your breath. Just notice your natural rhythm of breathing. Are you breathing through your nose? Your mouth? Just notice.

Now take a minute to shift your breathing to become a little more conscious. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Let’s do 5 breaths like this together.

Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth.

Inhale … exhale

Inhale … exhale

Inhale … exhale

Inhale … exhale

Now place your hand on your heart. If you’d like and it’s accessible, place both hands on your heart. Do whatever feels best for you right now.

Feel your chest rise and fall … gently with each breath.

Just keep feeling this and listen to my voice.

The pain of the world is a constant. At least it feels that way quite a bit. And while there is so much pain, there is so much joy. There is both.

There are children playing on the sidewalk while others are being murdered by state-sanctioned violence.

There are people falling in love with each other and there are families being torn apart.

There is joyous, liberatory solidarity and there is tear gas.

Both exist and it’s okay to be angry and joyful together. It’s okay to sob uncontrollably at the injustices of the world one minute and offer gratitude the next. It’s okay to have complete and utter bewilderment that the world just goes on amidst atrocities, and it’s okay for you to be one of those people.

Being conscious, experiencing this pain, and feeling helpless means that you grasp this interconnectedness. It means that you put people first.

Keep your hand on your heart and, with me, take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Deep breath in … deep breath out.

We will take 3 more deep breaths. But this time, with each inhale, bring in gratitude, peace, and love and exhale tension, oppression, and supremacy. Together now…

Deep inhale of gratitude, peace, and love … exhale tension, oppression, and supremacy.

Deep inhale of gratitude, peace, and love … exhale tension, oppression, and supremacy.

Deep inhale of gratitude, peace, and love … exhale tension, oppression, and supremacy.

Now just notice how your body feels. Do you feel more relaxed? More tense? More sad?

However you feel is valid. However you feel is okay. However you feel is how you feel. Remember, you are always enough and always worthy, and your feelings belong in this world too.

Now I want you to imagine yourself in a cave. It’s dark and a little dusty. But you can see a little of the outside world through a crack. You feel closed off and alone, but you know there’s a way out. There is more space for you, and you know that you will be there soon.

But how? You have nothing with you. No one with you. But somehow, in your heart, you know there will be space again.

As you imagine yourself in this cave, I want you to take your arms right now, and wrap them around your body. Hug your beautiful and amazing vessel.

Now while you hold yourself, take a solid yet gentle breath. As if you’re welcoming yourself to your body. Keep breathing and keep holding yourself.

Now let go.

You notice that the crack looks a little bigger. There’s more space for you to see!

So now you start swaying your body from left to right. Or forward and backward, depending on how you’re positioned. If you’re able, sway your body. Having gratitude for your movement. Soothing your body and feeling the Earth around you.

Keep swaying. If you’d like, gently brush your arms while you sway. Offering the medicine of your skin touching.

And you notice again that the crack is much bigger. It’s not big enough for you to get out, but it’s close!

Now you decide to use your voice. Feel free to keep swaying or stop. Take an inhale and let out a sigh.

Inhale … sigh. Ahhhhhh.

Let’s do it 5 times.

Inhale … ahhhhhhhh.

Inhale … ahhhhhhhh.

Inhale … ahhhhhhhh.

Inhale … ahhhhhhhh.

Inhale … ahhhhhhhh.

You look up toward the crack, and it’s not a crack anymore. It’s completely open for you.

What do you see outside? Do you see a meadow? Do you see the ocean? Whatever you see is your happy place. I want you to go to it. Bring yourself to this happy place. A space that all humans deserve. A realm that is yours to celebrate yourself and all the beings you love.

Is anyone with you? Are you alone? Just allow yourself to feel that joy either way.

Think about how it smells around you. Think about the temperature. What colors and figures are you seeing? How does the ground feel beneath your feet? What are you wearing?

Now as we close out, I just want you to walk slowly in this environment. Taking every piece in. Because in this world, time isn’t a thing. You are in a timeless world where urgency isn’t even a word. This is a space for you to play and rest and create without any worry.

Now place your hand over your heart again to feel your gentle breath.

Inhaling and exhaling.

In and out.

Gentle, gentle, gentle.

And whenever you’re ready, open your eyes or lift your gaze.

Thank you.