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The Healing Hype
Cha-cha-changes to The Healing Hype community!

Cha-cha-changes to The Healing Hype community!

Wheee! I’m sooo excited for this y’all! Yes, I say “y’all” when I’m really excited even though I’m from Chicago lol.

I know this goes without saying, but this pandemic has been ROUGH. And, at least for me, it’s been especially tough lately. I feel stagnant. I’m hitting that pandemic wall. I just wanna cry sometimes and tears are not coming out, UGHHHHH.

Guess what makes me feel better?

OTHER PEOPLE! I can be feeling so blah, and then I talk to a friend or a work colleague or my boyfriend or my therapist and my heart feels lighter. My edges soften.

Community helps me feel better <3 And community care is essential to thriving.

That’s why I’m making some changes to this community, to foster more connection and care!

What’s changing in The Healing Hype community?

Change #1: All of my workshops are included!

That’s right! All of the workshops I lead (at least 3 per year, if not more) will now be included in the community. Initially, it was one per year. But I love when I see your beautiful faces more often, so thank you MORE PLEASE!

This means that if you want to attend a workshop, all you have to do is join by clicking the button below. If you sign up monthly, you can cancel at any time.

The first workshop of the year, MAPPING YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM, will be on Saturday, March 6 at 1pm PST/4pm EST. So…

Change #2: Monthly live coaching office hours!

I am so lit up when I connect with people. I can have the longest day at work, and the second I connect with someone, especially when it’s about wellness or the evils of capitalism, I feel so energized.

During these office hours, you can ask questions, share your healing challenges, transformations, hacks, anything! This will be a communal space for us to chat.

The first session will be on Sunday, March 7 at 12pm PST/3pm EST!

How much is it again?

Multiple people have told me my prices are way too low, but I’ve been committed to offering healing resources to honor those who cannot access community and support otherwise.

I am raising prices because of these new features, but not until March 8!

So get LOCKED IN to the super low rate of $8/month or $80/year for life because…

…on Monday, March 8, prices will be $12/month or $120/year.

So what I’m saying is…


Give a gift subscription

What else do you get?

Umm, these are not the only features in The Healing Hype community. You ALSO get to come to healing circles (including some BIPOC-only healing circles), access to my advice column, special meditations, AND 15% of what you invest goes back to my BIPOC Healing Fund, so I can offer my healing offerings to BIPOC at a lower rate.

So to summarize, for $8/month or $80/year (until March 7), you get:

  • All workshops led by me

  • Monthly live coaching office hours

  • Seasonal healing circles (and additional BIPOC-only healing circles)

  • Special meditations

  • Advice column

  • Healing + justice content

  • Audio-accessible posts

  • 15% return toward my BIPOC Healing Fund

The word on the street…

Here are some things people have been saying about The Healing Hype community…

MG says:

I love The Healing Hype community because it's helped me understand what it means to give myself space, grace, and compassion at a point in my life where I constantly feel the impulse to abandon myself. Something I really appreciate about The Healing Hype posts and discussions is the emphasis Nisha places on really *being* with our feelings and our bodies, two things that I (read: we) have been trained to escape, dismiss, and talk down upon. With the help of The Healing Hype, I am beginning to recognize these two things as powerful tools of guidance, that when tapped into and fully appreciated, also help us think more critically of the broader structural sources of our deepest wounds. Thanks to this community, I am no longer intellectualizing my pain and getting lost in my analysis, but feeling my way through my ups and downs for the better <3

Alex says:

I've learned so much from the information Nisha has shared about trauma! Also, her meditations are fire. ;) Also, I love that a part of my support for this community goes toward BIPOC healing.

Maia C says:

I value how Nisha’s Journal Hangs and Healing Circles hold space for both connection with self and with others. I come away from these events feeling heard and seen and with insights to think through and bring to my day-to-day life.

Reading these honestly almost brought me to tears, that’s why I do what I do!

To those of you already part of the community, THANK YOU!

Got questions? Leave a comment here or hit reply! And feel free to forward this to anyone who might love it :)

(Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash)

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