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June Inspiration Note and FREE Subscriptions for Trans Folx

June Inspiration Note and FREE Subscriptions for Trans Folx

Hey everyone, this is my first Inspiration Note! Going forward, Inspiration Notes will be for members only, but I’m making this one public so if you’re interested in joining the Healing Hype Community, you can get a taste <3

But WAIT, if you identify as trans or want to share this with someone who is, you can get a free subscription to The Healing Hype foreverrrrrrr. Substack’s anti-trans actions really upset me. I wasn’t sure if I should exit the platform or do something else. I looked at my options and many don’t provide what Substack provides, especially the audio accessibility. I also worry that other platforms will also submit in this way (let’s be real, most of these platforms are not created by anti-capitalists.) So, I’ve decided provide free subscriptions for the month of June for trans folx. Click the button below to get it!

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And if you don’t identify as trans, you can still subscribe here:

Happy June to you! As we enter this month with Gemini energy combined with eclipse energy, Mercury AND Saturn retrograde, it’s really time to look inward. I’m not an astrologer, but I feel like I’ve been listening and learning about it a lot lately. So I’m taking that information and adding a dash of Nisha :)

I really feel like June is bringing about something that is leading to an emergence, and it’s so important to allow yourself to turn in so the emergence can turn out.

This contraction and expansion is a cycle of life. It’s reciprocity with yourself. We often forget that relationships are not just with other people. We also have to nurture the relationship we have with our former selves and current selves because this relationship shapes our future selves and everyone we are connected to. How are you giving to yourself so you can give to the world?

It already feels like the world has taken so much from us in these first five months of 2021. It started with white supremacy raiding a US federal government building, the Capitol, which was built by slave labor. Then there was the vaccine rollout which has been severely inequitable, murders of Asians in Atlanta, the verdict of the Derek Chauvin trial, CDC guidelines to remove masks, injustices in Colombia, more ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, and South Asia’s COVID crisis. And I’m probably forgetting things because I’m blocking them out. Yet, this feels like more than enough. It’s enough to bolster the cloudiness within us too. Though, it is in this murkiness that we can fold into ourselves and find clarity. So inhale deeply so you can exhale even more. This is actually one of my favorite breathing techniques. Inhaling for four seconds, holding your breath, and exhaling for eight seconds. Let’s do it together three times.

Inhale 3, 2, 1. Hold. Exhale, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Inhale 3, 2, 1. Hold. Exhale, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Inhale 3, 2, 1. Hold. Exhale, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

How do you feel?

Now, think about your cup. The cup that you can control filling up. We can’t control everything, we can’t control what capitalism and inequity extracts from us. But we can work on our capacity individually and collectively. Can you see the cup in front of you? What is it made of? And how will you fill it with capacity? Start with small things because the small things start opening it up. The small things help you build that reciprocity with yourself.

Capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy want to extract and reign over us. So take a moment…or two…to sit and notice the room you are in. Sit and notice the sensations in your body. Sit and hold your heart with compassion. Observe yourself and remember, as explained so well in this TikTok video “you are not in your mind and body, your mind and body are in you.”

Self-observation can be feeling the space within your vessel, learning more about your roots, slowing down, stopping to hear how the birds sound in your ear, journaling about your feelings and the stories you tell yourself, or taking note of the moments you feel intuitive. Because June can be a month for you to TRUST YOURSELF. Listen to your body. Say NO when you feel like saying NO. Bellow out YES when you want to yell YES from the rooftops. And trust that this will guide you in your path. Because listening to your insides, to the little whispers, to the feelings of exhaustion or delight, will create the space for expansion. This isn’t an expansion of quantity. It is an expansion of integrity, faith, and joy.

I have heard that Mercury retrograde is a time to do all the things that start with the prefix “re-”: review, remember, reconsider, renew, revisit, restore. Also….REST. This is all inner work. And it’s cyclical like the seasons, like the sun, the moon, and all the planets. Why wouldn’t we be cyclical too?

How will you align with this cycle? I remember my mom used to watch the soap opera As The World Turns, and it really had me visualizing the world turning as the drama of our lives unfolded :) So just think about if you’re moving with cycles or against them. This doesn’t mean that we submit to harmful ideologies that pervade our lives. In fact, there is nothing cyclical about patriarchy and capitalism and white supremacy. There is no contraction or expansion. So what is the ecosystem you will flow with?

I think this is a beautiful way to finish out this first half of the year, with inner knowing, inner growing, and inner showing.

That’s my June inspiration! Let me know how this resonates. Happy June!



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