The Healing Hype
The Healing Hype
Last Day for $8/month for life <3

Last Day for $8/month for life <3

You read that right. Prices go up tonight at midnight CST (because I’m not waking up at midnight PST - rest is revolutionary amirite???)

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I loved the takeaways from the Mapping Your Nervous System Workshop yesterday! I’m just 😭😭😭 about all the feels I had!

Here are the bigger themes that came up:

  • It takes time to come up with strategies to move out of the dorsal vagal nervous system state. Since it’s a space of shut down and/or freeze, sometimes you truly just need to rest and take time to allow your body to recharge.

  • By knowing how to move out of the dorsal vagal and sympathetic nervous system states and stay in the ventral vagal state, you can begin to create boundaries around certain situations.

That boundaries one is BIG, I might even have to make another workshop about it!

If you want to know what I’m talking about with all this “vagal” talk, I’ll be sending out the recording, slides, and more resources to everyone soon! So you can still access this workshop later if you subscribe :)

It is my mission to have an accessible space for you, my loves. A space that provides all types of ways to heal with liberation through healing circles, workshops, advice, monthly coaching office hours, and posts. WITH COMMUNITY.

When I think about my own story, I think about how much I’ve grown, but I also think about the supportive family and friends who carried me through! I could *not* have done this alone.

Community care is transformational.

If you want to know how much value this provides, here’s an IG live I had with community member Maia where she talks about about how this is WAY more value than Netflix, which I think is kinda the best testimonial ever, IMO. She also talks about how The Healing Hype is a beautiful complement to therapy. I love how she saw it as a curious space where ideas stay with her between my posts and community activities.

One of my personal favorite things about The Healing Hype is that it helps me give back to BIPOC through my BIPOC Healing Fund. I spoke with community member Alex about this during this IG Live.

Giving back to those who can’t access my services fills my heart and soul, and your investment helps me do this.

Sooooooo, get locked in TODAY at $8/month or $80/year foreva!

I’m increasing prices to $12/month or $120/year because of the added workshops and coaching office hours? But I believe in loyalty and commitment so I’d love for you to get locked in at the lower rate - or give it as a gift to a friend!

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Thanks for being your beautiful, awesome self. I totally understand if this community isn’t for you and the free posts are enough! I’m still so glad you’re here! Sending you love always.



The Healing Hype
The Healing Hype
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