Dec 22, 2021

[Nisha’s Greatest Hits! (free trial)] Are we driven internally or externally to accomplish?

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Nisha Mody
Audio transcription and meditations for The Healing Hype
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So the other day I asked my Twitter audience and my Instagram audience, if they felt more joy while they were in the process of doing something or after they accomplished and it was interesting that my Instagram audience actually felt more joy by accomplishing something. I also, by the way, added an option for both that you feel joy from both. So that really got me thinking about accomplishments and reaching a goal and finishing something, completion, which by the way, I also think that being in process can feel like an accomplishment. But that's neither here nor there. What I was also asking folks was, are you more driven internally to accomplish something or externally? Now I realize this is kind of a trick question because we are so driven as human beings by our subconscious, and our subconscious takes in everything from the outside. So even if we think we're driven internally, it might be because of what's happened in our lives. Whether it's external pressure, whether it's reacting to external pressure by internalizing it or reacting to it, because we don't want to internalize it because we know how problematic it might be or how harmful it could be for us. So I just wanted to put that out there. That we can think that we have internal pressure or drive to accomplish something that I honestly wonder if we really ever know.

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