Nov 28, 2021 • 2M

[Nisha’s Greatest Hits! (free trial)] Being recognized in order to be received vs expressing yourself

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Nisha Mody
Audio transcription and meditations for The Healing Hype
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So one thing that keeps coming up for me lately and when I talk to others is the idea of waiting to be recognized before speaking something. And this is really coming up because I have recently gotten obsessed with human design, which is a combination of astrology, the Hindu chakra system, the Chinese I Ching system, and the Kabbalah Tree of Life. And a lot of what is in human design are these ideas of projected channels or centers or being a projector type, which basically, long story short, means that it really helps to wait to be recognized in order to maybe speak certain things or to take certain action or to stand up for what you want, etc. And initially, this really bothered me because I thought, like, I don't need someone's permission to say something yada, yada. And really, it's not permission. That's one thing I'm realizing. I'm realizing that it's actually more receiving recognition so that what you say is received, and that is a way to conserve your energy. Which is a way to fill your cup. You know, but with that being said, I think from like a gendered perspective of being quieted when you want to speak up, and other intersections of oppression, this is kind of problematic. I don't have any solution here. Nisha’s Greatest Hits! are not fully formed thoughts, as you know, but it is something I wanted to share, you know, this balance between being recognized by others so that what you say is received, and also just saying what you fucking think because it's important to speak up no matter what - it's also an expression of what is deep inside of you, and maybe that needs to come out and maybe the intention isn't necessarily for it to be received, but rather for you to express what's inside of you.

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