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The Healing Hype
Want to be coached by me tomorrow?

Want to be coached by me tomorrow?

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow is going to be a special day because it’s the first time I’m holding The Healing Hype’s Monthly Coaching Office Hours!

A gif of Dwight Schrute from The Office. He is in the break room standing next to a vending machine flexing his hands forward with a determined face. A caption below reads "LET'S DO THIS!"

So what does this mean?

This means that tomorrow at 12pm PST/3pm EST, you can come into a Zoom room, which will be sent tomorrow morning, and share what’s been going on with you on your healing and/or justice journey. Or you can even talk about other things! This will be in community, so you’ll also be able to provide insight to others because we all have things to learn from each other.

I imagine this will last at least an hour, maybe more depending on how many people join.

I love this concept because while 1:1 coaching is valuable, groups and community are so nourishing for the soul!

If you’re interested in trying it out, subscribe to The Healing Hype community for $8 a month, you can cancel if it isn’t worth your time :)

Here are some things that The Healing Hype community members are already saying about being in Healing Circles together.

Maia C. says:

I value how Nisha’s Journal Hangs and Healing Circles hold space for both connection with self and with other. I come away from these events feeling heard and seen and with insights to think through and bring to my day to day life.

M.G. says:

I love the Healing Hype community because it's helped me understand what it means to give myself space, grace, and compassion at a point in my life where I constantly feel the impulse to abandon myself. Something I really appreciate about Healing Hype posts/discussions is the emphasis Nisha places on really *being* with our feelings and our bodies, two things that I (read: we) have been trained to escape, dismiss, and talk down upon. With the help of The Healing Hype, I am beginning to recognize these two things as powerful tools of guidance, that when tapped into and fully appreciated, also help us think more critically of the broader structural sources of our deepest wounds. Thanks to this community, I am no longer intellectualizing my pain and getting lost in my analysis, but feeling my way through my ups and downs for the better. <3

I hope to see you tomorrow!

The Healing Hype
The Healing Hype
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