The Healing Hype
The Healing Hype
Welcome to The Healing Hype!

Welcome to The Healing Hype!

I’m Nisha (she/her), a Feminist Healing Coach, a writer, a librarian, a speaker, a podcaster, and a speech therapist - most importantly, I’m Your Healing Hype Girl!

What is The Healing Hype?

The Healing Hype is a newsletter and community where I explore healing, in many forms, and justice, in many forms. Here are some topics I will explore:

Abolition, Afro-futurism, Anti-capitalism, Anti-racism, Anti-oppression, Anxiety, Art, ASMR, Astrology, BDSM, Body Image, Breathwork, Collective and Community Healing, CPTSD, Decolonizing all the things, EMDR, Emergent Strategy, Epigenetics, Feminism, Gender, Human Design, Inner Child Work, Intergenerational Trauma, Intuition, Journaling, Meditation and Mindfulness, Mental Health, Pleasure and Play, Polyvagal Theory, Rest, Restorative Justice, Tarot, Transformative Justice, Trauma-informed Healing, Trauma-sensitive Mindfulness, Writing, Yoga, and more!

And I will explore these topics in these ways:

  • Written reflections about my experiences with healing

  • An advice column!!!

  • Conversations with decolonizers and healing helpers (I prefer not to say healers, because I believe we get support from others to heal ourselves, but WE are the magic)

  • Research about different types of healing (trust me, I’m a librarian ;)), 

  • Recorded meditations

  • Theoretical frameworks

  • Seasonal Healing Circles

  • BIPOC-only Healing Circles

  • Registration to a workshop!

  • More I think of along the way

The Healing Hype is a newsletter and a community. If you choose to invest in The Healing Hype, you will have more access to my support, my writing, and others who are curious, passionate, and searching for healing and justice. Keep reading to see what the hype is all about and the community you will receive.

How is healing “hype”? And what exactly is the “hype”?

When I say “hype,” I mean it in the way a trusted friend makes you laugh your ass off, the way someone or something can lift you out of a shitty funk, and the way you feel supported after being raw and vulnerable. That’s me, Your Healing Hype Girl. And this is my newsletter and community for you.

I’ve been this girl long before I started this. But I hadn’t stepped into it until recently because, well, I’m a brown woman who learned to people please and be deferential to others, who was taught that nothing I did was ever enough and that I didn’t know how to “listen.” Is it surprising that I sought out what others desired of me instead of listening to my intuition? That I’d engage with dysfunctional because I wanted to heal dysfunctional, even though the dysfunction was being volleyed back to me?

I didn’t understand it then, but it makes so much sense now. I’ve experienced sexual trauma, physical trauma, and emotional trauma, and it f*ing sucks. But here I am, moving and healing through it. I believe we are all on a healing journey, but it’s not to some promised land. It’s a return to ourselves.

While listening to an episode of Divinely Human by Jas, the Moon Mother, I fixated on her talking about how we cannot keep chasing healing. We just have to remember what the healing feels like. We have to align with these healing vibrations.

I couldn’t agree more. Easier said than done? Probably.

So that’s why I’m here - to help you align. To provide words and community support. I continue to heal from my own trauma from being in a physically and emotionally abusive marriage, gaslit and constantly critiqued as a child and as an adult, experiencing anxiety about any decision I’d make, and dealing with a mix of denigrating and exotifying racism. Then there’s the intergenerational trauma on top of it all - colonization, migration, assimilation. Here’s a graphic I posted on my Instagram about it:

I was able to create this graphic because I have personally experienced and witnessed these forms of trauma in my family circle.

And through it all, I found a way to heal by understanding (1) my body (2) my wounds, (3) my lineage, and (4) the systems that have shaped my life AND the world around me. Because my wounds reflect universal wounds. As Audre Lorde said, “I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.” - this is true for all intersections of oppression.

What are my (and The Healing Hype’s) values?

Compassion, authenticity, vulnerability, community, curiosity, justice, transformation, and unlearning.

Who is The Healing Hype for?

It is for decolonizers, those who identify as healers, coaches, therapists, guides, artists, people who are beginning and continuing their healing journey, people pleasers, trauma bb’s, polyvagal theory nerds, restorative and transformative justice advocates, activists, emergent strategists, educators, and anyone curious about or interested in trauma-informed healing, and how healing can be connected to justice and vice versa.

I’m going to say something vulnerable here - I am not a healing or justice expert. I don’t like to call myself an expert in anything because I am constantly learning and unlearning. But, I AM: a Feminist Healing Coach, a writer, a librarian, a speaker, a podcaster, and a speech therapist who has worked thousands of clinical hours and facilitated so so so many groups with people of all ages and abilities. In all of these roles, listening, questioning, and counseling have been foundational. I am compassionate af AND I hold my boundaries close. So, while I won’t know everything, I will do my freaking hardest to try to ask questions, be inquisitive, and refer you to other amazing people. So trust that. Trust my intention and trust my curiosity. After all, I am Your Healing Hype Girl!

What is included in The Healing Hype?

The Healing Hype is more than a newsletter, it’s an exploratory and intentional community.

If you choose to provide an exchange for The Healing Hype, not only are you supporting a BIPOC writer, but I commit to offering 15% of your investment toward my BIPOC Healing Fund as well as other organizations supporting transformative justice efforts. I use this fund to provide scholarships and discounts to BIPOC. And here is what you get as part of this community:

  1. Access to ALL posts

  2. Ability to ask for advice through an advice column

  3. Invitation to Seasonal Healing Circles - where we will hold space and heal based on current events and/or themes, plus additional BIPOC-only Healing Circles throughout the year

  4. Registration to 1 workshop each year

  5. Ability to like and comment on posts

AND I will always provide an audio version of each post for your accessibility and convenience.

One more thing 👉🏾 there is also a Provider plan! If you identify as a coach, guide, healer, therapist, or just generally someone who supports others, you get all of the benefits above, plus group support to help with client and mentor relationships, navigating being a provider while living in capitalism, and other challenges!

I plan to have at least 1-2 posts per week for paid subscribers and 2 per month if you subscribe for free. As I add more content, I will likely increase the cost. But whatever you pay now will ALWAYS be your price. Your investment will not change even if I have 4 posts a week or add more community events and features. Because I value your trust, loyalty, and faith in my work and in community care.

What do you think?

Most importantly, what do YOU want to know more about? I want this to be an organic newsletter that evolves and takes shape because that’s also how healing happens. 

The forces that keep us in a capitalistic trap ask us to follow formulas and strategies instead of listening to our intuition, and I am NOT here for that.

So here I am, putting out The Healing Hype in full confidence. I trust that this flow will find its way to your inbox and can be reflected in your life.

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The Healing Hype
The Healing Hype
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