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The Healing Hype
#PrideMonth: Support me to dismantle the prison industrial complex

#PrideMonth: Support me to dismantle the prison industrial complex

It's June, and you'll probably be receiving all the rainbow everything from sales to coming out stories to hashtags and more.

Visibility matters and so does action. That's why I'm donating 100% of my June income from The Healing Hype to Critical Resistance, an organization that works to dismantle the prison industrial complex, as well as toward mutual aid requests from LGBTQIA2S+ folks. I’d love to raise $500 this month!

The Stonewall Riots were a response to police raids. And if we have seen anything this past week since the Uvalde mass shooting, we see how policing in this country is beyond problematic AND ineffective. I believe in abolishing the police. I believe in dismantling the prison industrial complex. So supporting this organization and these humans helps me steward my resources toward what matters to me.

If you invest in The Healing Hype, you get access to the following:

  1. My private Slack community called The Sphere

  2. Seasonal meetups

  3. Nisha's Greatest Hits!

Private Slack Community

Anyone who has paid for The Healing Hype or has received 1:1 or group coaching from me is invited to my private Slack Group called The Sphere where we share healing resources, memes, gratitude, and more! It has felt like such a beautiful space for connection. I literally saw messages about how people have been able to take a step toward meeting a therapist because of the recommendations folks made in this space. There's also a private BIPOC channel.

Seasonal Meetups

Everyone in the Slack community is invited to Seasonal Meetups for community connection, to share what's happening with them in the present moment, and collective care. Each meetup will have a theme, and our first meetup, the Summer meetup, is this Sunday, 6/5! Since it’s our first, it will be about introductions and openings.

Nisha's Greatest Hits!

Every now and then, I feel called to share ideas and connections that enter my head. When this happens, I audiorecord them and share it on The Healing Hype along with a transcript. I call these "Nisha's Greatest Hits!" because these ideas are intuitive hits I receive and share with you :)

Here are a few of Nisha’s Greatest Hits! that are public.

Want in? Subscribe below. Don't want in? Feel free to donate to Critical Resistance on your own!

The Healing Hype
The Healing Hype
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