The Healing Hype
The Healing Hype
3 Quick Reminders about The Healing Hype

3 Quick Reminders about The Healing Hype

Hi everyone! I hope you’re staying safe as the year winds down. I know there is a lot of anxiety because of the ongoing uncertainty about the Omicron variant, and it really sux. I hope you have people you can reach out to, ways to find pleasure, and care for yourself ❣️

I have 3 quick reminders about The Healing Hype:

  1. You can add The Healing Hype to your favorite podcast player (except Spotify, sorry).

  2. Nisha’s Greatest Hits! will become part of the paid subscription starting January 1.

  3. If you want to chat more about healing + liberation, you can join my private messaging group on Voxer to hang out with me and others!

1. Add The Healing Hype to your podcast player.

In order to add The Healing Hype to your podcast player, click “Listen in podcast app” underneath the audio player within the post, as I screenshot and circled below. The platform will email you a link, and you can add it to Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Downcast, Castro, or Radio Public automatically, or manually add the RSS feed. Unfortunately, this is not yet supported by Spotify.

A screenshot of the "bell hooks" post with the audio player and "Listen in podcast app" circled in red

2. Listen to Nisha’s Greatest Hits!

Nisha’s Greatest Hits! are my intuitive hits that I don’t quite want to make into a full post, where I apply the abstract to my own reality, and I dictate and transcribe it for you! These are short and sweet - at least I think so haha. Become a paying subscriber ($5/month, $50/year) to get access. Here are the ones I’ve done for free so far:

3. Chat with me on Voxer!

Okay, I know this might seem a little intimidating or like not intriguing if you’re introverted, and that’s fine! There’s no pressure here. I’ve really loved the conversations I’ve had on here so far ranging from teaching to bell hooks to celebrating the small things. It’s a great way to connect and release! Subscribe to get access. If you’re a paid member, here’s the post with instructions to join.

Thanks all! Sending you my best.

With love,


The Healing Hype
The Healing Hype
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