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[Nisha’s Greatest Hits! (free trial)] Are we driven internally or externally to accomplish?

bell hooks

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[Nisha’s Greatest Hits! (free trial)] Emotional insecurity, perfection, and process

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You Didn't Miss the Boat. You are the Boat.

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[Nisha’s Greatest Hits! (free trial)] Being recognized in order to be received vs expressing yourself

[Nisha’s Greatest Hits! (free trial)] Grief and birth are simultaneous processes

[Nisha's Greatest Hits (free trial)] Realizing your worth and the cycle of grief

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Email FOMO and the Threat of Uncertainty

Are you in integrity with your boundaries?

Big update to The Healing Hype

Does U.S. empire have boundaries or walls?

[Community] Advice Column #6: How do I apologize without diminishing myself?

10 Small Ways to Regulate Your Nervous System

[Community] Reparenting Your Inner Child through Trauma-Informed Care workshop materials

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[Community] Fall Equinox + Libra Season Inspiration Note

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The Opportunity Cost of a Cost-Benefit Analysis

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Next Workshop: Reparenting Your Inner Child Through Trauma-Informed Care, 9/25

[Community] Virgo Season Inspiration Note

Responsibility as Liberation

[Community] A Meditation for Leo Season

[Community] Connecting to the Land, Connecting to Ourselves Workshop recording and resources

[Community] Workshop starts in 15 min!

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Justice and care work can be exhausting

Questions I ask myself about the land

[Community] Workshop Registration for Connecting to the Land, Connecting to Ourselves

Next workshop: Connecting to the Land, Connecting to Ourselves, Sunday, 8/1

[Community] Advice Column #5: Finding peace post-breakup

Is everyone doing the best they can?

[Community] No Community Coaching Call this Sunday, here's why, and upcoming workshop <3

[Community] July Inspiration Note

Here's the story, of a lovely Mody!

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[Community] Summer Healing Circle cancelled: Journal Prompts and Activity :)

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[Community] Reflections on work after giving notice at work

[Community] Reminder for Summer Healing Circle: Imagining Liberation in the Pandemonium on Saturday, June 19

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[Community] Summer Healing Circle Theme: Imagining Liberation in the Pandemonium

June Inspiration Note and FREE Subscriptions for Trans Folx

21 things that have given me life during capitalism

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[Community] Advice Column #4 - How do I make peace with intergenerational trauma while I still live in a household with my parents?

[Community] Monthly Community Coaching Call Change

[Community] Call for Advice Column

A Meditation for Global Pain

A Letter to My Inner Child

[Community] RSVP for BIPOC Healing Circle and Vote for Alternative to Monthly Community Coaching Call

[Community] What is faith in the context of liberation?

[Community] BIPOC-only Healing Circle on Wednesday, 5/5

[Community] Alternatives to Monthly Community Coaching Calls?

A Conversation with Decolonizing Therapy's Dr. Jennifer Mullan

[Community] A Meditation about Slowing Down

[Community] Reminder for Community Coaching Call tomorrow, Sunday, April 11 at 12pm PST/3pm EST

Practicing what I preach

[Community] April Community Coaching Call about Slowing Down - Sunday, 4/11 at 12pm PST/3pm EST

Will we stay or will we go?

[Community] Tell me about your shadow friend, Shut Down

[Community] Spring Healing Circle recording and a new space for the Mapping Your Nervous System Workshop

[Community] Spring Healing Circle Zoom Info and a To-Do :)

Sending love to my AAPI friends

How do we heal in capitalism? Take 1.

[Community] Spring Healing Circle: Saturday, March 20 at 10am PST/1pm EST

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[Community] Advice Column #3 - How do I have an open and honest relationship with my parents?

[Community] Recording and resources for the Mapping Your Nervous System workshop

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Exiting the Car Before You Take Off Your Seatbelt

[Community] How was Mercury Retrograde for you?

[Community] Can you do me a favor?

[Community] A Meditation for Pisces Season

Self-abandonment, Capitalism, and You

[Community] Here's what helped me start my healing journey

BIPOC Healing Circle and Filial Piety Webinar this weekend!

That Dang Imposter Syndrome

Join the First BIPOC-only Healing Circle on Saturday, January 30th - All BIPOC Welcome!

[Community] Advice Column #2: No Drama Confrontation

How we react to injustice is valid

[Community] A 2021 Healing + Justice Meditation

[Community] Happy New Year! What is your word for 2021?